Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire, Fire

Fires aren’t always just because of a mishap or electrical issue. I remember being young and for whatever reason our toaster caught on fire while I was co... READ MORE

Grease Fires

Grease is one of the most known causes for fires in a home. Grease is known for being cooked with but if not handled properly or used correctly it can easily ca... READ MORE

Check Yourself

This stoves handles were loose and not acting properly. Unfortunately for the customer they did not get things fixed properly before it was too late. The custom... READ MORE

This Stove is on FIRE!!!

You would be surprised how many times we have been called to clean up after a fire because someone has left their stove or oven on and unattended causing a fire... READ MORE

This Fire is "Like it never even happened."

Fire damage is not just burn marks from flames or ash from the fire consuming your belongings. Many times it is soot and residue left behind after the fire is o... READ MORE

Fire Damage

Fires can start the most minimal spark. This fire above started by faulty wiring of a light fixture. Fires are not forgiving. They don't pick and choose what to... READ MORE